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The examples below are intended to show how the design process works and the benefit of being able to show different design ideas overlaid onto your own pictures to help visualise the end result before any glass is cut.

1) Internal Door
An internal door, unfortunately minus a window, should have complemented two original stained glass side panels. With an agreement to work to a budget, the customer emailed pictures and a couple of sketches with some initial ideas.

Internal Door minus window

From the picture and sketches, a couple of designs were created.
Design Ideas for Internal Door

Using the original picture sent with the missing window, the new designs were overlaid to enable the designs to be seen in situ BEFORE any glass was cut.
Design Ideas in Situ

At this stage, the customers were invited to the studio to see the designs... within 10 minutes a decision had been made.

Glass samples were used to match the colours to the existing panels and the final panel created.

Internal Door Installed

2) A stained glass panel for a Railway Gas Lamp.
The customer who had worked in the Railway all their life had bought the lamp and requested a design that was railway orientated or abstract

Several designs were offered; the chosen one shown below depicts railway lines from the station where he started his career.

Railway Lines 200 high

3) Into Ashbourne
Applying a similar idea to above, a small panel was created for the Ashbourne Arts Festival which depicts the town. The lead lines in this instance mimic the main road routes into Ashbourne.

Into Ashbourne