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Wall Hanging

This section shows the 3 main options for wall hanging that I can offer.
  • metal wire or chain
  • external brackets
  • hidden brackets
Metal wire or chain
Art Nouveau Stained Glass piece as wall hanging
This is my very first piece of leaded stained glass, simply hung with steel wire.

 External brackets
These external brackets are great as they are unobtrusive. They work better with opaque glass as you cannot see the bracket behind the glass. Pieces can be hung directly onto the wall, or as in this case mounted on concealed battons that lifts the piece an inch off the wall.
Op Squares piece as a wall hanging

Hidden Brackets 
Square piece as wall hanging
This type is best used for translucent glass whereby the piece can be mounted an inch of the wall. This allows light to go behind the piece and a reflection to be cast on the wall behind.